With a combined 25 years in public education there is no question who we are. At our core we are teachers.

It doesn’t matter if our classroom is in a building, on a playing field, or in the real estate industry. Who you’re born to be rarely changes, and we will always view our service to others through the teaching and coaching lens.

Why does this matter? Because The Minter Team will never be about the number of homes sold or leads generated. Rather, we will always measure the success of our lives based upon the impact we’ve had on those we serve. For us it’s the relationships that matter, the lives that are affected by our involvement.

It’s never going to be about the sale, it’s simply about the people we are blessed to crossed paths with.

Yes, we are in the housing industry and our job is to help people buy and sell homes. But our mission, our bigger purpose, is to help everyone we meet live a better life.

We believe we change the world when we change lives.

We used to do that in a classroom. We grew that experience through coaching and athletics. Now, we do that by supporting, protecting, guiding, and advising our clients through some of the biggest transactions of their life.

It doesn’t matter where our classroom is. We are teachers. We are coaches. Not because of our job title, but simply because it’s who we are.


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