Navigating the home buying process can be tricky in any market. But when it’s a strong seller’s market this process can become even more challenging.

With many homes seeing competitive offer situations home buyers need to find a way to stand out above the crowd. This can be difficult for current home owners who need to sell before buying their next home.

Jeff & Eirik discuss strategies current home owners can take to purchase when they are looking to buy a home, but also have a home to sell.

1:11: The HELOC and Bridge Loan
1:58: Can you qualify to buy without selling?
2:55: Find a home to buy, then list your home
3:16: List your home, then try to find a home to buy
3:50: Buy without a home sale contingency
4:07: Where does the down payment come from?
4:40: Sell your home and prepare for short term renting

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