The Market with Jeff and Eirik | Episode 2: How a Fast Track Mortgage Helps you Win in Todays Market

The Minter Team
The Minter Team
Published on March 17, 2019

When the housing market gets tight, and there are high levels of competition for the best houses, home buyers need to find every angle possible to stand apart from the crowd when submitting an offer. In this episode Jeff & Eirik sat down to discuss how a fast track mortgage can help their clients win in a competitive market.

  • 1:10: What’s the FAST TRACK pre-approval?
  • 1:50: Why the FAST TRACK helps you stand out
  • 2:15: Close in 14 days?!
  • 2:27: Faster contingency deadlines = less risk
  • 2:50: Why a stronger pre-approval helps you WIN as a home buyer
  • 3:29: How can you apply for a FAST TRACK?

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