Simple Steps to Enhance Your Property

The Minter Team
The Minter Team
Published on June 8, 2013

Taking proactive steps to enhance your property in the eyes of potential buyers can bring huge benefits in terms of higher offers and a quicker sale.

A few simple steps you can take to improve your property in the eyes of potential buyers include:

1. Clean. Before your home gets listed give it a thorough cleaning. This means wash the windows, vacuum the dust from the bath fans, and clean water spots off the showers and sinks. Nobody wants to buy your dirty stuff, so you are likely to get an offer quicker, and for a higher price, if you take the time to give your home a thorough cleaning. If you haven’t hired a professional cleaner before you may be surprised how affordable it can be. By choosing to hire out this job, you can quickly turn your attention to other items on the list.

2. Declutter. Clutter tends to lend itself to stress and anxiety for many people. Since this isn’t how you want potential buyers to feel when they enter your home you will want to consider what materials are necessary for day to day life and what items you can box up for the next few months. You may also have a number of items in each of your spaces that you’d like to have access to during the week, but want to hide during showings. These items can go in a “showing box” and be put away or thrown in your trunk when you have showing and open house.

3. Paint. A fresh coat of paint helps give your home feel newer and cleaner than it may really be. Stick to safe colors if you choose to add a new palette to your home. If you aren’t up for adding new coats throughout your house, at least make sure you touch up the marks on the wall.

4. Have Your Home Pre-Inspected.  A pre-inspection will help you reduce your risk of any surprises when negotiating with a prospective buyer. By inspecting before the buyers come through, you are able to fix or disclose potential issues up front before the negotiating begins. By providing an inspection report before buyers make an offer you are able to show them they are purchasing a well cared for home.

5. Meet with a Professional Stager. Stagers can provide a number of services ranging from advice on where to place your couch all the way up to a shopping list for new home decorations. Sometimes having an outside eye can be the magic touch for transforming the feel of your home. Hiring a stager to bring in materials is also more affordable than you may realize, and most of the time this results in higher priced offers and a quicker sale.

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