Leading Restaurants During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Minter Team
The Minter Team
Published on March 31, 2020

Restaurants are still working hard and pushing new measures to feed and support our community.

Minter Team member Kim Flournoy talked with Jamie Bush, owner of Headquarters Bar and Restaurant, about how they are adjusting to our new reality and what they are still offering Oregon.

00:32 – How things have changed in the restaurant business
01:12 – Delivery and carry-outs
02:08 – Managing the phone lines and curbside pick-up
03:00 – New opportunities to do family-sized portions
03:40 – Working around new challenges
05:00 – Offering opportunities to employees
05:23 – Business loans
05:55 – What should the community know/how can they help?
06:25 – Working out the kinks
08:22 – Keeping quality at the forefront
10:35 – Ordering ahead
11:13 – Moving parts
12:00 – Taking care of each other in the community

You can learn more on their website at https://oregonhq.com.

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