Community Spotlight: Academy of Sound

The Minter Team
The Minter Team
Published on August 15, 2019

Academy of Sound in Oregon, WI offers kids and adults an opportunity to grow musically in a consistent, structured, and fun music community.

At Academy of Sound, you’ll find private lessons available for all types of instruments including piano, violin, guitar, drums, saxophone, and much more.

They offer classes for kids, busy adults, and even a preschool program that teaches the spanish language through music.

Jeff sat down with owner, Erin Chisman to discuss the Academy of Sound including the evolution, offerings, and opportunities for the community.

See what Erin has to say:
:34: What is Academy of Sound?
1:33: The Evolution
2:50: Taking a Leap
4:05: How to Know if Your Kid is Ready for Music
5:25: How to Pick an Instrument
6:34: Balancing Music with Other Activities
8:13: Sing-A-Lingo
9:29: Academy of Sound Foundation
11:30: How to Sign Up
12:23: Contact Info

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