Choose Your Hard

The Minter Team
The Minter Team
Published on October 18, 2013

Choose Your Hard. This motto has become a rallying cry among the fitness community. But if you put weight loss aside for a moment you’ll see it applies to everything you do.

We all have choices to make on a daily basis. Quite frankly, more often than not we tend to choose the easiest less painful choice. Not only is it hard to make the choice that is best for us, but it’s also hard to live with the consequences.

Yesterday I planned to run in the morning. Mother nature surprised me with a cool, windy rain so I had plenty of reasons to bundle up and stay inside. I told myself that by doing this I could be more productive and probably would also avoid getting sick. Wrong. The rest of the day was a constant reminder I cheated myself. I got lazy, and while it’s fairly easy to be lazy, the end results are hard.

It’s hard to feel lethargic and unmotivated. It’s hard to underperform at work. It’s hard to look in the mirror and know that you cheated yourself. Those are all hard.

Today I chose a different hard. As we change seasons, and the sun seems to rise way too late in the day, I chose to crawl out of bed in the dark at 5:00 am for 30 minutes of mental exercise followed by a short run. That was hard. But the end result is way different than yesterday’s hard. I got more accomplished today before 10:00 am than I did all day yesterday. I feel better about today and tomorrow than I did about yesterday. I like the “hard” I chose today.

Everyday it’s up to you to choose YOUR hard.

Will you choose the hard that gets you closer to your goals? Or will you choose the hard that keeps you closer to where you don’t want to be?

Choose. Your. Hard.

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