4 Steps to Take This Fall for a Successful Spring Home Sale

The Minter Team
The Minter Team
Published on October 27, 2016

There is no doubt that fall is here. Leaves have fallen, temperatures have dropped, and the holidays are right around the corner.

For people considering selling their home this is a clear indicator that it’s time to hit the breaks and wait until there is an opportunity for a spring home sale. While waiting until the spring may be a wise decision it’s not always the best move.

You can read more on the right time to sell HERE, but if you’re dead set on waiting until the snow thaws to hit the market now is a great time to get ready with these four steps. 

Have Your Home Pre-Inspected

It happens all the time. The parties negotiate to an accepted offer, everyone is excited, and then it’s inspection time. Buyers who spend a large sum of money on a new home want to know they are making a wise decision. Sellers want to walk away from their home with as much money and as few headaches as possible. Yet when the inspection report shows the need for a new roof, leaky plumbing, or outdated electrical something is going to have to give.

Smart sellers will take time during the preparation period to have their home pre-inspected. This allows them to get ahead of any potential issues that will arise as a result of the buyers inspection later on. With a report in hand from a licensed home inspector the seller has a perfect task list to begin addressing items that may get in the way of a smooth transaction in the future.

Another bonus of the pre-inspection is that sellers then have a report from a professional detailing the condition of the home to share with buyers if they choose. A clean report, or a report with a few items that have already been repaired, can ease potential buyers minds before negotiating and often leads to stronger offers.

Hire a Stager

Selling your home and living in your home are two different things. While your home is on the market you will want to make sure furniture and decorations are arranged in a way to appeal to buyers by highlighting aspects of your home. Hiring a stager has a number of benefits and doing so up front allows you time to start gathering items that may enhance certain rooms like rugs, artwork, or small furniture pieces.

While there are a number of myths involved with the staging process, the benefits are well worth it. This is especially true if you have a few months to perfect your home before hitting the market.

Sell, Store, or Donate

Now is the time to get rid of items you don’t need to take with you. Start with your living spaces such as your kitchen, how many spatulas do you really need? When was the last time you used that 5th cookie sheet? And that appliance that’s still in the box? Get rid of it and take the same approach in your bedrooms, closets, and living room. If you aren’t using your personal items on a regular basis then chances are you won’t miss them if they are gone.

Once you’ve gathered items to get rid of you can either donate them to local charities or sell them in a garage sale, on sites like Craigslist, or even through local Facebook pages. The goal is to eliminate as many things as possible to both make your move easier and make your current space appear larger and cleaner.

For those items you can’t part with, but don’t need consistently, begin boxing them up and organizing the storage in your home. Potential homebuyers will be evaluating the storage available in your home so it’s best to make sure they know there is plenty of room for those Christmas decorations.

Touch it Up

All the little things add up when home buyers look through your home. Everything buyers can and cannot see reinforce their opinions about your home. Don’t you want them to think they are buying an immaculate and well cared for home? This mindset often leads to a higher offer price.

Start addressing the whole picture now by touching up paint, scrubbing down sinks and tubs with hard water build up, and making sure the lighting around your home feels bright and lively. Look for areas that could use some fresh features and purchase a few small items like new towels and bed linens. If you have carpet there is a good chance it could use a thorough cleaning. Tackle a room each week and you should be ready to roll by spring.

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