3 Reasons You Need to Hire a Stager

The Minter Team
The Minter Team
Published on December 23, 2014

After listing a home one of the first items on our to-do list includes scheduling a consultation with a professional stager to enhance the seller’s home in the eyes of prospective buyers. This service is part of our basic marketing plan and is included at no additional cost to our clients.

Why do we invest in this service for our clients? Here are a few reasons we believe our staging service is a huge benefit for sellers.


Study after study shows that staged homes sell anywhere from 50%-90% faster on average than non-staged homes. For our clients that means thousands of dollars saved by avoiding price reductions and the additional expenses of waiting to sell your home. Studies also show that an investment in a stager can bring upwards of a 200% return on your investment.

Staged homes typically bring with them higher sales prices as well. Buyers view staged homes with fewer projects as well cared for and feel comfortable making stronger offers.


It can be challenging to live in a home that is on the market. Frequent showings mean you are asked to leave your home on other people’s schedules whenever a prospective buyer wants to show your home. Keeping the home clean and prepared for showings can prove to be a time sucker and stressful task as well. By enhancing homes through staging seller’s can sell faster and spend less time living in a home that’s for sale.


Over 90% of today’s buyers shop around online before ever contacting a real estate agent. What does this mean for sellers? Your buyer is selecting which homes they want to walk through based upon what they see online. Staging, combined with professional photography, highlights the best features of your home so it stands out among the crowd .

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