20 Tips for Great Real Estate Pictures

The Minter Team
The Minter Team
Published on August 7, 2013

Most buyers today spend countless hours looking at homes online before they ever get serious about stepping into a listed property. Sellers should keep this in mind when preparing their home for sale in order to make their home stand out among the competition.

We believe high-quality pictures are so important in marketing a home that we provide all sellers with a staging consultation and only use professional photographers when listing a property. These additional professionals on our team specialize in highlighting features of your home that will make it stand out among the crowd.

While preparing for the photo shoot you may want to consider the following tips:


  1. Clear the driveway of vehicles, debris, and any potential chalk artwork
  2. Pull weeds, trim the bushes, and add flowers for additional curb appeal
  3. Mow the yard and considering a light watering to help it glisten
  4. Hide garden hoses, trash cans, and outdoor tools
  5. Put the kids toys and garden gnomes can be put away
  6. Check the roof for any debris that you may not see on a daily basis
  7. Shovel during the winter, sweep in the warmer months
  8. Check your lights if pictures will be taken at night
  9. If you have a pool remove the cover and hide maintenance tools


  1. Declutter
  2. Open blinds and curtains to maximize the natural light. Make sure they hang straight
  3. Clear off the refrigerator and stove. This includes magnets and towels
  4. Leave the lights on and the fans off
  5. Clean your bedroom. Make the bed, straighten the closets, and hide dirty clothes.
  6. Box up the kids toys while the photographer is visiting
  7. Clear the kitchen table, sink, and counters while hiding any trash cans
  8. Add small vases of flowers or bowls of fruit for additional color
  9. Leave the TV off and hide the remotes
  10. Tidy up the bathroom while clearing the counter tops. Seat and lids down please
  11. Remove all evidence of pets
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