14 Must-Know Road Trip Hacks

The Minter Team
The Minter Team
Published on March 15, 2019
Road Trip Hacks

When it comes to a road trip, it’s often about the journey, not the destination. Make sure that journey is memorable for the right reasons with a few tips and tricks.

1. Before you leave home, either download or screenshot directions for your route for when you inevitable lose cell service along the way.

2. Pack a bag with wet wipes, paper towels, hand sanitizer, and use a cereal container as a trash can to deal with accidents or messes.

3. Freeze bottles of water and use them to chill your cooler instead of ice – you’ll have extra drinking water if you need it, and you’ll avoid the mess of having a potentially leaky cooler full of melted ice in your car.

4. Bring shower caddy for easy eating

5. Avoid the endless “Are we there yet?” questions.  Make a visual road trip map to help answer that question for the 12 millionth time and add a little fun to your trip.

6. Have a tablet? Get one of THESE awesome back-of-the-seat holders!  Not only do they hold your tablet so the passengers in the back can watch something together while out of the sight of the driver,  but they can also store other road trip necessities.

7. Make DIY car seat pillows for when you nod off or wrap seat belts in a small blanket.

8. Make a DIY travel tray by using a pillow with a cookie sheet or tray on top. Great for kids and grown-ups alike, the tray keeps  it easy to keep coloring books and snacks contained.

9. Use suction shower organizers to hold art supplies.

10. Forget overly pungent air fresheners and make your own!  Place a few wax scents into a mason jar and cover it with a top that has holed drilled into them.  The wax will melt while it sits in the warm sunshine and the scent will make your car smell amazing.

11. Traveling with a bunch of friends? Make sure you’re all on the same money-sharing app so you can easily transfer funds to keep gas, toll, and food costs equal.

12. Bringing your four legged family member with you?  Keep your pooch happy with these essentials:

– Vaccination papers

 – Waste Bags

– Food and treats

– Dog food in a Travel Bag

 Portable Food and Water Container

– Dog Shampoo and Accident Cleaner

– Dog Medical Bag

13. Don’t forget the Emergency Car Kit with First Aid!

14. Need more tips or looking for a gold mind of information, from quirky roadside sights to accommodations?  Check out Roadtrippers.com to help plan your trip. (They also have an app that you can download HERE for iOS or HERE for Android.)

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