Emma Bohrod

Emma Bohrod


Emma was born in Madison and grew up on the near East side. She attended Lowell Elementary, O’Keeffe Middle and  East High School. Emma spent her freshman year in college at UW Eau Claire, but quickly realized she was a Badger through and through and returned home to attend UW-Madison, graduating in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in both Women’s Studies and Social Welfare. For 5 years, Emma served her community as an AmeriCorp member, an employee at a local non-profit agency, and with the Department of Children and Families for the State of Wisconsin. She worked on reducing the achievement gap, supporting positive parent-child interaction, educating parents and care-givers on child development, and assisting facilities caring for children placed in out of home care.

In 2015, Emma purchased her first home and discovered the frustrations and joy of the home buying process and home ownership. She realized the importance of having a knowlegable, and skilled agent to work with throughout the transaction. Emma made the transition from social worker to real estate agent in October of that same year.

It was her mother – a teacher, assistant principal, mentor – who taught Emma the importance of education, of serving her community, working with people and caring for others. She taught Emma to create a career out of something she loves, and to work with people with honesty, respect, and joy. It is also entirely her fault that the career Emma happens to love is real estate.

When Emma was a young girl, before real estate was available to anyone with a wifi connection, her mother would scour newspaper ads, drive around looking for “for sale” signs, or discover through word of mouth any and all homes for sale. She would drag Emma and her twin sister through all the open houses in their neighborhood and around the community. She loved the architecture, the details, the uniqueness of homes and shared that love with Emma. Her mother believes in purchasing a house, but creating a home and Emma’s hope is to bring her passion, her ability to educate, and her sense of “home” to her client’s home buying experience.

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