The Market w/Jeff & Eirik | Episode 3: Overcoming Hurdles to Get a Home Loan as a New Physician

Between the staggering amount of student loan debt, and relatively lower resident pay scales it can be challenging for new doctors to qualify for certain types of mortgages.

Enter the physician loan program.

With as little as 0% down, no private mortgage insurance, and the opportunity to overlook student loan debt there does exist an opportunity for new doctors to settle in as they begin their career.

Jeff & Eirik sat down to discuss how this mortgage program works and how it benefits new physicians.

1:17: 0% down, no PMI, no points
1:43: The challenge of being a new physician
2:12: Who qualifies?
2:54: Addressing student loan debt

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The Market w/Jeff & Eirik | Episode 2: How a Fast Track Mortgage Helps you Win in Todays Market

When the housing market gets tight, and there are high levels of competition for the best houses, home buyers need to find every angle possible to stand apart from the crowd when submitting an offer. In this episode Jeff & Eirik sat down to discuss how a fast track mortgage can help their clients win in a competitive market.

  • 1:10: What’s the FAST TRACK pre-approval?
  • 1:50: Why the FAST TRACK helps you stand out
  • 2:15: Close in 14 days?!
  • 2:27: Faster contingency deadlines = less risk
  • 2:50: Why a stronger pre-approval helps you WIN as a home buyer
  • 3:29: How can you apply for a FAST TRACK?

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Home Design Trends for 2019

We are seven days into 2019, and many of us have already started working on our New Year’s resolutions & intentions for the year.  When the clock strikes 12:00 AM on January 1st, many of us commit to the goals we have set for the year. We commit to these intentions so we can work towards being the best possible version of ourselves.
But what about our homes?  Our homes are our safe haven, an extension of ourselves and our family.  It’s where we play, teach, learn, sleep, eat, and bathe.  It’s where dreams are made, where we run to when we are having a bad day, and where we heal ourselves, whether it be physically or emotionally.  So shouldn’t we give our homes the TLC it deserves?
Besides keeping up with your home maintenance schedule, a fun way to spruce up your home is to check out some of the hottest home design trends for 2019.  If you’re looking for a little inspiration, here are seven enviable design trends for you to consider:
1. Pantone Color of Year (of course we have to start with this!): Living Coral
The Pantone website describes the color as “An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge”. 
Typically seen paired with teal, this uplifting color also goes well with bright yellows and natural greens for an energetic feel or, if you’re looking for a more sophisticated look, pair it with navy blues, taupes, or greys.

If coral isn’t your cup of tea, other color trends for 2019 include burnt yellow, misty blues, dark greens, soft terracottas, almost whites, and bright citrus colors.

2. Terrazzo surfaces:

With the continued popularity of mid century modern design, it’s no surprise that Terrazzo is coming back. 

Terrazzo is a composite material that consists of chips of marble or granite that is set in concrete and polished to give it a smooth surface. It is incredibly durable & water resistant, so it can be used just about anywhere!  

From counters and showers to indoor or outdoor flooring, the possibilities are endless!

3. Bold, beautiful kitchens:

For years, the kitchen trend has been minimalistic, simple, and clean. This year, however, kitchens are becoming more personalized with color.

Other big trends for kitchens include the use of raw materials like wood & stone, mixed metals, and open shelving or glass cabinet doors.

4. Mix & matched furniture:

Instead of purchasing furniture sets from the same store, collect pieces as you go along. Having furniture in your home that isn’t all matching gives your home a more personalized feeling.

Don’t be afraid to mix furniture from different periods or show off your favorite family heirloom or a chic piece you picked up at a thrift store and refinished.

5. Boho is back:

The bohemian look is back this year but with a more modern, clean, and sophisticated look.  This can be achieved by mixing modern with vintage furniture, using softer lines, and layering fabrics.

6. Natural & green pieces:

Items made with natural materials are showing up more and more. Not only are they unique, but they also help you feel more in touch with nature while in your home.

Want to bring more of the outdoors in? Add some house plants! Not only can plants change the way a home feels by adding a refreshing and calming touch, they are also healthy for you (and look great next to the Pantone color of the year)! Plants can purify the air in your home, help you breathe easier, sleep better, decrease stress levels, and improve mental health.

7. Eco-friendly:

With climate change constantly on the news we are thinking more about how we can lower our personal carbon footprints.  Decor that is easy on the eyes while leaving little to no impact on our environment or resources will continue to be a big trend this year.  It is becoming more typical in interior design to use items that are repurposed, reclaimed, and recycled.  

You know the sayings “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure” and  “What is old is new again”?  Well refinishing furniture pieces found at thrift stores or flea markets can not only be a fun DIY project that you can show off, but it also helps the environment by lowering the amount of waste that is put into landfills, which in turn, reduces the amount of virgin materials that are used to make new items.

8 Things Every Homeowner Should do Now for a Worry-Free Winter

Old Man Winter is on his way!  Before he is here to stay for a few months, get these things done BEFORE the snow flies:

Cut the power to your A/C – Cut the power to your central air condition by flipping the breaker in your electrical box so your compressor doesn’t get damaged during the frigid weather.

Make sure your heating system is ready – Depending on the type of heating system you have, there are a few maintenance things you should do before the temperatures really start to dip.  We always recommend having a professional check and tune up your heating system once a year… And don’t forget to change your furnace filter!

Disconnect all hoses and shut off outdoor faucets – Make sure to disconnect all hoses before the weather is consistently before freezing and turn off outdoor faucets.  Typically, outdoor faucet shut offs are in your basement near where the spigot is located.

Check your insulation – Having the correct amount of insulation will keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer which will cut down on your energy costs.  It’s also a place where mice and other critters like to call home.  Check of your attic to make sure there is plenty of insulation and to ensure that there aren’t any unwanted guests.

Switch ceiling fans to reverse – Most people think of turning on their ceiling fans when their home needs to be cooled down, but many ceiling units come with a switch that reverses the direction of the blades.  Clockwise rotation can help keep your home warmer (and cut down your heating costs!) because the fan will circulate the warmer air that is near the ceiling back into the living space.

Insulate your pipes – Insulating your water piping will not only decrease the chance of them freezing, but it will also help you save money for your hot water.  Pre-slit pipe foam is available at most hardware stores.  Cut it to size and fasten it in place with duct tape.

Dodge the drafts – Drafts can waste up to 30% of your energy use.  Check doors and windows for any drafts.  Install storm doors and windows if you have them.  If you can feel the cold air coming from underneath exterior doors, use a draft stopper or place a rolled-up bath towel underneath the door.

Clean your gutters and down spouts – Clogged gutters can lead to damaging ice dams and roof leaks in the winter.  If you don’t have gutter guards, make sure they are clear of leaves and other debris before the first snow fall.

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