New Year’s Resolution vs Setting Your Vision

Statistics show that roughly 80% of all New Year’s resolutions fail by February. Despite this low success rate we continue to challenge ourselves each year by banking on that one thing that we want to change. 

Personally I’ve never really set resolutions. One year I resolved to eat more bacon, but that resolution was more deeply rooted in the perspective of doing things that add joy to life than actually consuming the world’s tastiest meat. 

Instead of setting resolutions I tuck away a little time each winter to set my vision for the coming year. By setting a vision I get a clear picture in my mind of what I really want for the year in all areas of my life, and in striving to fulfill this vision I take proactive steps that will put me in a better place 12 months later even if I fall short of the ultimate goal. 

Here’s the process…

  1. Write down each of the following categories with a little space under each: Work, Money, Love, Family, Spirituality, Social, Self
  2. Under each category define 1-3 things you would like to see at the end of the year in order to consider this year successful. Examples may include a monetary amount you want to donate during the year, the number of dates you want to go on with your spouse, or how many songs you want to learn on the guitar. Each goal should stretch you a little bit so you can grow, but keep it realistic. The ultimate goal is total personal growth, not domination of one specific area of your life. 
  3. Under each of your goals set 1-2 action items you can complete to ensure you stay on track towards your vision. If you want to lose weight you may include hiring a trainer, joining a gym, or buying new running shoes. If you’re looking to save for college expenses consider how often you can tuck money away and where you will put it. These action items should be specific so you have a gameplan in place to be successful and a roadmap to follow if you get off track.
  4. Post the final document somewhere that you will see it regularly and set a time on your calendar each week to review your vision. If you aren’t on track use this as a reminder of the action items you wrote down and work in some time that week to get back on track. The key here is keeping your vision in front of you throughout the year so you can keep your big goals front and center. Resolutions tend to fail because life happens and people fall off the momentum train. Keeping your vision in front of you makes it hard to forget what you’ve set out to accomplish.

I find that this process produces results much more effectively than a resolution. To be totally honest, I’ve never fulfilled my whole vision before. Usually I end up achieving about 70% of what I set out to accomplish. But that’s not the point. The point is that setting a vision has helped me set the course, given me focus throughout the year, and led to personal growth that I never would have seen had I relied on a single resolution to improve my life or just gone with the flow to see where I end up. 

If you want to take things even farther write your vision in the present tense, start each morning or week with reviewing your top 3 current action items, or find an accountability partner to help stay the course. 

Do you have a method of planning that takes this step further? Or do you have a strategy that simplifies this process? We’d love to hear about it. Share a comment below or contact us directly at


How Do YOU Start Your Day?

The morning ritual. 

Most of us are aware of the benefits involved with starting your day with a consistent morning routine. Morning rituals help us frame our day, prime our brain, and prepare our body for a successful day.

Without question I have noticed that when I hold myself accountable to my routine that my day flows in a more positive direction and I also tend to get more accomplished. This is especially true as we dive into the dark days of winter, a season I always struggle with. The cold temperatures combined with less sunlight and general seasonal stresses can wreak havoc on my system.

For the last few months working through some version of the following routine:


June 2018 Newsletter: Mallards Thank You | Market Advice

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who joined us for our client appreciation event at the Mallards game this week! We had nearly 130 guest, along with a ton of fun. We are so appreciative of everyone who has supported The Minter Team these last few years.

Market Advice for Buyers: 2018 has been a challenging year for many homebuyers. But so was 2017, 2016, and 2015. In fact, the last 5-6 years have really pushed homebuyers in many areas out of their comfort zone as inventory of available homes continues to drop, prices rise, and competition picks up. We don’t know when the market will shift back to favor homebuyers, but in our current state we still believe we have awhile before we get to that point. So where does that leave us and how can homebuyers navigate the rest of 2018?

First of all, realize that buying a home is still an affordable option that makes financial sense despite rising prices and interest rates. You can read more on the effect of these rising numbers in a blog post we wrote a few years ago ( While the numbers in that article have shifted, the main idea remains the same: As interest rates & prices rise the amount of home you can afford declines. We know that over time rates and prices will more than likely continue to rise. The question remains how quickly this will happen. What we can feel very confident advising clients on today is that there’s strong evidence supporting the idea that buying in 2018 will be a better financial option than waiting to purchase in 2019.

If you are already in the game and hunting for a home you need to be prepared to write an offer just outside of your comfort zone. Many homes, especially those under $300,000, are seeing multiple offers and eventually selling over asking price. Often these homes also include buyer concessions on appraisals or inspections. Keep the big picture in mind and realize that “winning” in this market means buying a great home, not beating the seller in negotiations.

Market Advice for Sellers: We have talked to a number of people who would love to make a move but are afraid to put their home on the market as they are struggling to find a home to move in to. This is certainly a valid concern, but one that needs to be addressed in some manner prior to making a purchase. We’ve filmed a short video explaining some options for problem solving this scenario that you can watch on our YouTube channel ( Our advice would be to get your home on the market and then figure out the next steps. We know this is uncomfortable, but it’s the best way for you to stay in control of your move as writing offers with home sale contingencies is very difficult in today’s market.

When you are ready to take advantage of today’s sellers market and list your home you’ll want to remember that just because it’s a great time to sell a home doesn’t mean you should just slap a sign in the yard and call it a day. Sellers who are really winning in today’s market are doing everything they can up front to ensure their home is fully market ready, marketed correctly, and priced appropriately. Yes, you can probably secure an offer just by putting your home up for sale, but if your goal is to maximize your profit then making a stronger investment into your preparation and planning is the best route to take advantage of the opportunities today’s market offers. Watch “5 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Sale” for more on getting your home ready for the market (

Make sure your home is marketed on the MLS and your agent has a clear plan to put the home in front of as many people as possible BEFORE you hit the market. Video, professional photography, and “coming soon” teasers are great ways to draw excitement about your home and bring buyers in that are fully prepared to write an offer.

Beyond preparing the home for market you’ll want to price it appropriately and not get too greedy out of the gates. Today’s homebuyers are smart. When sellers price too high in an effort to see what they can get, or to leave room to negotiate, many buyers will pass on the home all together. This leaves the home on the market for longer than it should be, and that almost always leads to a lower final sales price. Smart sellers are pricing their homes where they belong, and allowing the market to raise the price through buyer competition.

740 Pleasant Oak Drive, Oregon, WI

Gently nestled amongst mature trees on a semi-wooded lot backing to Foxboro Golf Course this well maintained and pre-inspected classic 2 story home is close enough to walk or bike to multiple schools and restaurants while still offering a private backyard that feels miles from town.

Learn more at:

Dane County Real Estate Market Update: March 2018

dane county market reportWhile March Madness is typically a basketball reference, the phrase holds meaning when looking at our local real estate market as well.

As we’ve started to settle into the spring housing market “madness” is quite possibly the best term to describe the current state of what we are seeing.

The combination of low inventory (the number of homes available for sale) and a strong economy have us firmly planted in a seller’s market in which the best homes are seeing fierce competition from interested homebuyers. (more…)

January 2018 News: 2018 Market Forecast | Save the Date

It’s a new year, and with that always comes the unknown for what the year will bring. Our local real estate market is no different, but I have to say that it sure feels like we’ve been here before. With low inventory, great interest rates, and a strong economy all the pieces are in place for another wild ride as both buyers and sellers attempt to navigate tricky market dynamics.
For some key information regarding the state of the market, along with advice for those looking to make a move this year, check out our latest post: Dane County Real Estate Market Update: January 2018
Don’t forget to save the date, our next client party is coming Sunday, February 25 from 4:30-6:30.

Dane County Real Estate Market Update: January 2018

dane county market reportIn the 1993 movie classic “Groundhog Day” we watched Bill Murray wake up at 6:00 AM every day only to find he was living the same day over and over again. As we turn the page on another year and look ahead at the 2018 real estate market I can’t help but feel a little bit like Murray.

It feels like we’ve been here before.

Heading into 2018 the big story is low inventory (the number of homes available for sale) followed up with low interest rates, lagging construction, rising prices, and a powerful economy. But we’ve seen this before. In fact, the only real difference between 2018 and each of the previous few years may be that our alarmingly low inventory is at it’s lowest point throughout this time period. (more…)

Just Sold: 625 S Orchard St, Madison, WI 53715

625 S Orchard St

Madison, WI 53715

Sold: December 15, 2017

Sales Price:  $287,000

Today we offer another congratulations to the Jungbluth family who just sold this fantastic campus area income property that has been in the family for roughly 80 years!

Over multiple generations both family and tenants have called 625 S Orchard home. (more…)

Just Sold: 1901 N Sherman Avenue, Madison, WI 53704

1901 N. Sherman Avenue

Madison, WI 53704

Sold: December 6, 2017

Sales Price:  $215,000

When a home has been in the family for 60 years letting can can be hard.

Today we offer a bittersweet congratulations to the Jungbluth family who just closed on their family home since 1957. This amazing house was meticulously built by the family while they lived on the 2nd floor of the garage during construction in the late ’50’s.


Just Sold: 6256 Fox Run, Burke, WI 53532

6256 Fox Run

Burke, WI 53532

Sold: December 5, 2017

Sales Price:  $242,000

Congratulations to Nick and Allison who, with the help of Buyer Specialist Tara McKuen , just bought their first home! (more…)

Just Sold: 5125 Horned Owl Dr, Madison, WI 53718

Madison WI Home For Sale5125 Horned Owl Drive

Madison, WI 53718

Sold: November 17, 2017

Sales Price:  $193,500

Jeff first met Deandrew in the spring of 2016. After some unfortunate guidance from his lender things didn’t work out that year for Deandrew and his young family. (more…)