Real Estate with the Heart of a Teacher

Real Estate?  Never! Jeff and Michelle Minter  are teachers to the core, and enjoyed a combined 25 years of classroom teaching in public education.  We became leaders in our field, and truly loved serving our students and our community.  A career change, let alone Real Estate, was never on our radar.  Besides, we knew we could never be the “sales-y” type.  But you know when you get an idea in your head that won’t go away, until it manifests in a dream, and before you know it you have a business plan, a broker, and a license?  Yup, that’s how our story started and now we have a wonderful team of five licensed agents available to help with all of your real estate needs!

Using our Teacher Voice As it turns out, bringing our “teacher voice” to Real Estate is precisely what our clients appreciate most about us.  No, not the teacher voice that means you’re being scolded.  The one that lets you know there is a trusted professional with you, someone truly looking out for your best interest, and educating and mentoring you every step of the way.  Even if that means talking you out of buying a house.

Our Purpose

Our full-service real estate team is committed to providing our clients with great communication and clarity throughout their process in order to provide a world class real estate experience.

Our Mission

Building our community through connection and service so that our clients, our company, our team members, and those we are in relationship with can all achieve great things.

Our Principles

To always take care of our clients, to mentor, coach, & serve, to have the highest standards, to have fun, to keep it simple, and to never stop improving.