Teachers + First-time Hombuyers = Model Students

The Burtons are a perfect example of first-time homebuyers who are well-prepared for success in a quick and competitive market. We’ve all heard stories of homes that receive 400 offers in the first day, and they are all $500k over asking price, etc. (Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration). But there are valuable lessons to be learned from teachers, I mean buyers , who win without making risky or impulsive decisions.

Lesson 1: Do your homework (and then get someone to do it for you)
Bonnie and Justin had been keeping an eye on homes for a while and generally had a feel for what the market was doing. When they were ready to get serious with their home shopping, they came to us to help them navigate the process. Before even stepping into the home they wanted to see, we made sure we knew as much as possible about the home (updates, age of mechanicals, condition report items, etc), as well neighborhood market trends that supported our opinion of pricing. Doing their homework allowed the Burtons to act quickly and intelligently when they found the right house.

Lesson 2: Smart but Strong
When we stumbled upon this West side gem, the Burtons knew it was “the one”. We put together an offer with strong terms, as well as a strong but smart price based on our market research. Soon after, we were told that we were one of a handful of offers, and the seller would like us to increase our offer price to x dollars. After looking again at comparable properties and discussing with the Burtons, we were not convinced that the market supported a higher price. They decided they were comfortable staying put with their offer and see what happens. The next morning we had an accepted offer in hand…and the Burtons lived happily ever after.

Bonnie and Justin, you were truly such a pleasure to work with, thank you for always bringing a positive attitude and sense of calm to the process! Also thank you for choosing me to join you on your home buying adventure, I am so grateful to have been a part of your journey! I can’t wait to see what you do to make your new house a home – enjoy making memories with each other and your fur babies!

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