Madison WI Home For Sale5125 Horned Owl Drive

Madison, WI 53718

Sold: November 17, 2017

Sales Price:  $193,500

Jeff first met Deandrew in the spring of 2016. After some unfortunate guidance from his lender things didn’t work out that year for Deandrew and his young family.

But Deandrew is a Navy man, and he put his head down, went to work, and did what needed to be done to get his family into their first home together.

Our team connected Deandrew with the Ryan Smith Mortgage Team at Waterstone Mortgage NMLS #287314 who helped prepare him to move forward.

Deandrew’s next attempt went off without a hitch and we are so excited to say that he just closed on an awesome half-duplex with untapped basement potential.

Congratulations Deandrew!