One of the biggest challenges home owners face when trying to make a move in today’s market is how to navigate the potential speedy sale when there isn’t necessarily a home to move into yet.

One strategy is to wait to list your home until after you’ve found a place. This can be pretty tricky in today’s market as it can be difficult to compete if you have a home sale contingency.

Another strategy would be to sell and then work on negotiating to an extended deadline or rent back to allow more time for shopping. This is a stronger strategy as most people can’t purchase their next home until the first is sold. Therefore, the sale has to come first.

This client took a slightly different approach to the process. We listed his Stoughton home with a private listing, meaning it wasn’t online for everyone to see. While listed privately Stuart had some time to continue preparing the home for the public market while still entertaining possible buyers who could meet his need for an extended timeline.

We were able to find Stuart a buyer for his home that could offer everything he was looking for without Stuart ever hitting the market. This allowed him and Alison to shop for the next place with a lot more confidence. When they found themselves competing as buyers in a multiple offer situation, being able to make a strong offer knowing that the first house was already taken care of was the biggest difference in getting the home they were searching for.

Congratulations to Stuart and Alison! Well played.