Sometimes when you see a house you just know. It’s that feeling that makes it easy to write an offer.

This young couple had planned to tour homes with Jeff for the first time on a date in the future when they happened to drop into this open house. Immediately it was that feeling. The warm and fuzzies. It was home. ♥️🏡♥️

They called Jeff right away ready to write an offer…on the first home they ever saw. Jeff pulled back the reigns and made them tour a few homes the following day just to make sure. Without question, this was the house.

👊In this competitive market Andrew and Lauren made an aggressive but smart offer to win out over other buyers.

🍼Roughly one month later they gave birth to their first child, and now 2 months later they have a great home to start their young family.

Congratulations Andrew & Lauren! You picked an AMAZING home and we are so fortunate and grateful to come along for the ride in this exciting time period in your lives!