navyGrit and resilience are two key traits that determine the differences between success, mediocrity, and failure. We all face challenges in life and it is our reaction and response to adversity that ultimately determine the path we follow.

Eric Barker, author of the blog Barking Up the Wrong Treediscussed grit, resiliency, and persistence with a Navy seal. The following is what he found regarding surviving life’s toughest moments.

 Purpose & Meaning

Having a clear purpose and meaning puts things into focus and is essential when working through challenges. Intrinsic motivation is more valuable than extrinsic motivation.

Make it a Game

Those who survive disasters often make survival a game. See problems as challenges to overcome rather than threats.

Be Confident, But Realistic

It’s ok to be aware of the dangers that are facing you, but have the confidence in your ability to overcome.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Reducing uncertainty reduces fear. Practice and plan for the worst scenarios.

Focus on Improvement

Don’t make everything a win-lose scenario. Learn from mistakes and failures so you can improve and become stronger in the long term.

Give Help and Get Help

Providing help matches up with meaning. Accountability to others means you can’t allow yourself to give up.

Celebrate Small Wins

A lot of good things beat rare and infrequent great things when it comes to how we feel.

Find a Way to Laugh

Smiling and laughing provides a buffer from stress and fear.

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